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PULSE is the promise of an active life,
right in the heart of the vibrant Belval area.
Just a few steps from your home,
take advantage of all the possibilities offered by
by the leading destination in the south of Luxembourg.

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IN 2026

The light floods through the windows of your apartment, spreading a pleasant sunshine in your living room. On the horizon, you see the imposing silhouette of the blast furnaces and, around you, the skyline of the center of Belval. Before having breakfast on the terrace of the hotel that shares your building, you decide to go for a workout to start the day.

To get to work, you walk a few minutes across the Place des Bassins, whose water glistens under the golden light. You remember the evening of yesterday, comfortably installed in the steps of the basin you enjoyed a spontaneous concert surrounded by your friends and a small enthusiastic crowd. The mix of your Central Square neighborhood is definitely ideal, alive, vibrant, close to all facilities while offering you the possibility to recharge your batteries in your pleasant, perfectly isolated apartment.

At lunchtime, the choice is yours: share a meal with a few colleagues in a restaurant, opt for one of the many terraces around or even find yourself at home, a few steps away, for a moment of calm and disconnection.
At the end of the afternoon, perhaps you will be tempted by a walk in the park, a bike ride, or why not go home for a wellness session at the hotel before meeting your friends for a movie or a concert at the Rockhal?
Whatever you choose today, any other project can be postponed in the next few days, and on the way you will always have the opportunity to do some shopping. The time is long gone when all this required tedious travel. In Belval everything is reachable in a few minutes, on foot or by bike, the connections to the outside world are so simple.

One thing is certain: choosing to live at PULSE was the best possible choice.
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“PULSE fits perfectly as the entrance to the Central Square neighborhood.

The architecture is in keeping with the conceptual spirit of the neighborhood and works with clear lines, shifting scales and a clear, modern façade design, referencing the industrial history of the place through the choice of materials and colors.

In the interior courtyard, terraces at different levels and strong vegetation form a varied contrast and a more private, intimate character.

Brick, a durable and solid facade material, is used both in the industrial buildings of the past and as a design element in the present architecture.

The metal window surrounds are a direct link to the steel history of the site and perfectly complement the interacting brick.

PULSE does not necessarily seek to stand out, but rather convinces with its simplicity and high quality.

Over time, the project will be seen as an important element that is part of the Central Square neighborhood environment.”
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Sascha Reinert - Managing Partner - Christian Bauer & Associates Architects
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PULSE puts all the modern comforts at your disposal: carefully designed architecture with a large landscaped interior space including terraces, the latest innovations in energy efficiency, optimal distribution of spaces, omnipresent natural light, luxurious à la carte finishes, etc.

And because your life is not limited to the walls of your apartment, however pleasant it may be, PULSE gives you access - as a resident - to numerous services offered by the 4-star hotel integrated into the project.

A wellness session, a workout at the fitness center or dinner at the hotel restaurant are just a few of the many options available to you in a building designed for your well-being and located in Central Square, the vibrant heart of the Square Mile, Belval.

Once outside, all the advantages of Belval - the flagship address of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - are in the immediate vicinity: more than a hundred companies and research centers, two schools, the University of Luxembourg, numerous stores, the Belval Plaza shopping center and restaurants, a cinema, 8 hectares of parks and green spaces and of course the Rockhal - Luxembourg's largest concert and entertainment venue. All of this is accompanied by a complete mobility offer on site as well as a rail connection to and from Luxembourg City every 15 minutes.
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Much more than a safe haven, real estate investment in Luxembourg offers an interesting return depending on the circumstances and above all a prospect of solid appreciation, the Luxembourg real estate market historically recording an average increase of 5% per year over the last 35 years.

An average increase in value that is much lower than the one observed in Belval, based on a purchase on plans. Such a prospect is no longer possible in Luxembourg City or in the suburbs.

However, the current trend towards a mix of functions (housing, offices, shops, leisure activities) favours the Square Mile district more than Belval North and South, which are exclusively residential. In the heart of the Square Mile, the Central Square district is therefore logically the most attractive.
And the next short-term project to be built there is none other than PULSE, the only project in all of Belval to include a hotel with numerous services available to future residents. This is an absolutely unique asset.
There is therefore no doubt that PULSE represents the most promising opportunity in Belval, whether to live there fully, to expect a very interesting return thanks to the many expatriates working in companies, universities or research centers ... and in any case to benefit from a solid capital gain.
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The cradle of an exemplary conversion project that offers a unique mix of work, housing, leisure and daily life, Belval will provide housing for approximately 7,000 people and accommodate nearly 20,000 employees, researchers and students.

In 2011, Belval was awarded the highest pre-certification for sustainable neighborhoods.
Located in the south of the Grand Duchy, this new 120-hectare district is based on an excellent overall concept: clear forms, flexible plans, environmentally friendly outdoor design, a traffic plan adapted to the needs of users and a modern energy supply.

Everything is planned for everyday life: schools, shops, leisure facilities, etc. Belval has everything you need and everything is accessible on foot or by bicycle. The industrial culture of the past is also an integral part of the project and already represents a monument of the national heritage.
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1 Place des Bassins

2 Parks

3 Belvalplaza - Multifunctional center hosting shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and apartments

4 Rockhal

5 Place de l’Académie - Terrace of the Bast Furnaces

6 Luxembourg Learning Centre Central Library of the University of Luxembourg

7 Blast Furnaces

8 “Massenoire” Permanent exhibition dedicated to the City of Science

9 Place des Archives - Historical heart

10 Sports Center

11 Bel-Val High School

12 Belval Sud School Center - kindergarten and elementary school

13 Public Research Center "Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)”

14 Offices Houses of Life, Human Sciences, Environment, Laboratories, Engineering, Knowledge, Arts and Students, Number, Innovation, Business Incubator

15 "University" restaurant

16 Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)

17 Belval-University station

18 Park & Rail of the Belval-University station

19 Bel-Val High School stop

20 Société Générale

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The Square Mile is Belval's trendy neighborhood and has much to offer its future residents as well as the 10,000 or so people who visit Belval daily. It is a business district, but also a great place to live for young professionals and families.

At the heart of the Square Mile, Central Square will be a shopping district, a business district and a stimulating residential space offering many state-of-the-art housing units and much more: where to experience the quintessential Belval lifestyle.

Mixed-use buildings offering housing, offices and shops are under construction or in development ... but PULSE, opposite the Société Générale headquarters designed by Norman Foster, is the only one that will house a hotel whose services and infrastructures such as the outdoor swimming pool, wellness, etc. will be accessible to residents. All these elements make PULSE a unique opportunity.

Discover the precise location of each available property,
as well as the essential information, images and plans
by using the rotating model and the dynamic table.

Choose your apartment
  • Price
  • Floor
  • Bedrooms
  • Built-up Area
Lot Floor Number of bedrooms Built-up Area (m²) Loggia (m²) Prix 3% TTC Plans
A1.1.01 1 3 103,98 5,3 822 319 Detail
A1.1.02 1 2 95,48 4,9 779 983 Detail
A1.2.01 2 3 104,305 5,95 836 871 Detail
A1.2.02 2 2 95,735 5,31 793 130 Detail
A1.3.01 3 3 104,305 5,95 sold Detail
A1.3.02 3 2 95,735 5,31 sold Detail
A1.4.01 4 3 104,305 5,95 860 521 Detail
A1.4.02 4 2 96,585 5,31 804 079 Detail
A1.5.01 5 3 104,305 5,95 884 171 Detail
A1.5.02 5 2 96,585 5,31 815 029 Detail
A1.6.01 6 3 104,104 5,95 919 645 Detail
A1.6.02 6 2 96,585 5,31 847 878 Detail
A2.1.01 1 2 91,665 5,22 750 181 Detail
A2.1.02 1 Studio 51,47 475 159 Detail
A2.1.03 1 2 83,185 7,75 685 586 Detail
A2.2.01 2 2 92,125 5,57 764 641 Detail
A2.2.02 2 Studio 52,05 481 077 Detail
A2.2.03 2 2 84,185 9,05 694 429 Detail
A2.3.01 3 2 92,125 5,57 sold Detail
A2.3.02 3 Studio 52,05 sold Detail
A2.3.03 3 2 84,185 9,05 sold Detail
A2.4.01 4 2 92,085 5,57 774 727 Detail
A2.4.02 4 Studio 52,05 487 863 Detail
A2.4.03 4 2 84,195 9,05 704 063 Detail
A2.5.01 5 3 110,195 5,35 936 922 Detail
A2.5.02 5 3 119,575 9,27 993 819 Detail
A2.6.01 6 3 110,195 5,35 975 400 Detail
A2.6.02 6 3 119,575 9,27 1 007 380 Detail
C1.1.1 1 1 51,02 4,22 470 823 Detail
C1.1.2 1 1 51,66 4,24 476 449 Detail
C1.1.3 1 1 51,76 4,41 478 750 Detail
C1.1.4 1 Studio 38,28 4,36 412 253 Detail
C1.1.5 1 1 53,04 4,25 482 582 Detail
C1.1.6 1 1 52,9 4,25 481 281 Detail
C1.2.1 2 1 51,02 4,22 479 332 Detail
C1.2.2 2 1 51,66 4,24 sold Detail
C1.2.3 2 1 51,76 4,41 488 090 Detail
C1.2.4 2 Studio 38,28 4,36 booked Detail
C1.2.5 2 1 53,04 4,25 492 325 Detail
C1.2.6 2 1 52,9 4,25 490 999 Detail
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Floors, kitchen appliances, sanitary facilities, doors and windows... You choose the finishing touches yourself from our selected partners. Your apartment will thus correspond perfectly to your needs and tastes.

Ask for the description note
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Technoconsult and the Corcelli & Associates Group,


Technoconsult (M. BEI Group) and the Corcelli & Associates Group, historical developers of Belval and creators of numerous projects, have joined forces to make PULSE a unique project, thanks to its location, the mix of its offer and the quality of its execution. This guarantees an exemplary project that will meet all the expectations of future buyers, occupants and operators.
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Founded in 1973 by Pasquale Corcelli, the Group is a reference in the hotel and restaurant business as well as in real estate development and construction, today it is associated with Jean-Paul Dias under the name Corcelli & Associés.
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Technoconsult SA, founded by Maurizio Bei, is a company specialized in the development and creation of real estate projects in Luxembourg. Founded in 1992, the company focuses on residential and commercial real estate.
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Thanks to its long experience in the real estate business, its in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, its network and its team of professionals from different backgrounds, the agency has all the skills to advise and support you throughout the buying process. +352 277 288
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With its experience in all stages of a real estate project, in permanent contact with the decision-makers, the agency brings you all its know-how to allow you to choose with full knowledge and serenity. +352 28 99 90 90
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